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Major life transitions can cause worry - particularly financial worry.  

Most people who are approaching or have just experienced a major life transition such as retirement, selling a business, divorce, or losing a loved one have questions — lots of them.  

Shoreline Financial Partners can help answer your questions and design a well thought out plan that gives you financial confidence to pursue your goals.

Independent Wealth Planning and Guidance

— You're Unique —

Shouldn't your retirement plan be too?

Shoreline Financial Partners is an independent boutique firm offering comprehensive financial planning and tailored investment portfolios.  

We help you understand and make complex decisions that can come with wealth so that you can pursue the goals and lifestyle that are important to you.

Retirement Planning

Setting a personal benchmark and path can help filter out the noise and set a better foundation from which to make smarter decisions.

Wealth Management

We're on a mission to help investors protect their wealth and stay on track to pursue their unique goals.

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