Sherrill Wealth Management Award 5 Star Quality Rating

Paladin 5 star award
Potrait of Gardner Sherrill

March 18, 2013

Gardner Sherrill, principal at Sherrill Wealth Management in Bradenton, has been awarded a 5-star quality rating by Investor Watchdog and admitted to the Paladin Registry of financial professionals.

Investor Watchdog uses a proprietary algorithm to measure the quality of adviser credentials, ethics and business practices.

Professionals must score in the top 10 percent of Watchdog’s vetting to be profiled in its Paladin Registry.

Sherrill has been in the wealth management field for more than 17 years, having worked for major financial firms including Northern Trust and Merrill Lynch.

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Gardner Sherrill

After 17 years as a High Net Worth Private Banker I opened my firm in 2012 to create an unbiased and client-centered wealth management firm. As an independent advisor I can now solely focus on helping clients define and pursue their unique goals. Read More

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