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Thanksgiving is not a patriotic holiday. It’s not a religious holiday. The grocery aisles are not full of candy and ghouls or candy and hearts. Television commercials aren’t urging you to celebrate with gifts. Thanksgiving is not about gluttony, although food is important! Thanksgiving is special because we celebrate Americans’ determination, resilience, and ingenuity by spending time with our families and our friends.

When you picture Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? For many people, Thanksgiving conjures up an image of a perfectly roasted turkey. See what you know about tasty turkeys by taking this brief trivia quiz:


1. Which American statesman thought the turkey would have been a better national symbol than the bald eagle (which he felt was a bird of bad moral character)?

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. John Adams


2. Which state produces the most turkeys?

  1. Missouri
  2. Minnesota
  3. North Carolina
  4. Arkansas


3. What country consumes the most turkey per person?

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Turkey
  4. Israel


4. Which department store was the first to sponsor a Thanksgiving Day parade?

  1. Macy's
  2. Gimbels
  3. Marshall Field’s
  4. Wanamaker’s


In some ways, your financial plan is a lot like your family’s Thanksgiving meal. It should reflect your preferences and lifestyle, as well as include a diverse menu. We’re grateful you have chosen to work with us, and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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